About Lisa Victoria

Chapter 1 – Physical fatigue to physical freedom

In my early 20s, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In simple terms, I was desperately tired that I couldn’t think straight, I couldn’t function to do simple daily tasks and most of my life was passing me by, in a blur of extreme fatigue.

I was sent home from the doctor’s with antidepressants and told that I would end up in a wheelchair. Even then, I didn’t realise it but I was tapping into my heart voice. The whisper that said, this isn’t OK and that there will be a different way. I just had to discover it.

My discovery was through alternative health tools. Nutrition and alternative medicine. Within weeks, I was around 90% better, after having spent nearly two years exploring the traditional medical route, being told that it was all in my head. I thought I was going mad, my confidence fell through the floor and I began to question myself, a lot.

I nurtured my body, learned all about the importance of gut health and its role with our immune system. I finally felt physically free again.

This is why I am passionate about Alternative Health Tools and why I support the podcast show.
I subsequently went on to qualify in nutrition and explore alternative medicine, so I could give hope back to others who were feeling the same way as I had. I now know how to nourish my body. After all, we are gifted one vehicle to travel in, on this wonderful journey of life. Why wouldn’t I want to look after it?

Chapter 2 – Emotionally and mentally fatigued

The next Chapter in my life was spent in the corporate world. I hadn’t realised that the treadmill I was on, was one of burn out, and surviving to get through the week. It had become the norm. Putting immense amounts of pressure onto myself to perform, to climb the corporate ladder and to be perceived as successful.

The inside world was very different. I hadn’t appreciated that I still had healing to do from my Chronic Fatigue days. My mindset was still tarnished by the voices in my head that said I couldn’t trust my own thoughts and feelings. After all, the professionals had told me that it was all in my head, planted a seed of doubt, so I had valued their opinions and filed them away.

This was an undertone in my life. I was constantly questioning my thoughts, feelings and actions. Was I really successful, or was I bluffing it? ‘Imposter’ syndrome struck and I found myself comparing my skills and abilities with others around me.

My heart voice had retracted. I could no longer hear it. I was living ‘accidentally, not ‘deliberately’. I was lolling, not living.

Chapter 3 – The road to freedom

Life struck again. I wasn’t in flow. If I wasn’t going to change, I was going to be forced to change.
Within the space of around six months, I experienced a relationship breakdown; the threat of redundancy through a restructure; stress of professional exams; medical tests for a heart murmur, and then as if all that wasn’t enough, my brake-line went on my vehicle driving on the motorway at high speed.

I survived – it was all research.

What this period in my life taught me, was to ‘wake up’. I was on the wrong path. I was disconnected from my truth, my heart voice and the effortless flow of life. As with anything, the whispers had been there all along, but I hadn’t noticed. It took my brake-line failing, to get me to open my eyes, ears and the channel to my heart voice.

I discovered how to listen and learn from these experiences. I concluded that I needed to slow down, and to find a different way to stop existing and start living.

Whilst still in the corporate world, I explored coaching. I learnt tools that I could utilise in the moment when life became seemingly stressful on the outside. Deadlines, meetings, and goals.

I discovered for the first time that I had a heart voice, and this was different from my overshadowed thinking, my head voice. It knew the answers and it wanted to sing. I could tune into it deliberately and start working with it.

I was able to manage the chatter and to step out confidently. I was capable of responding to whatever my day threw at me. I learnt to create boundaries, to include myself and my wellbeing in the equation.

This was too good not to share, and I found myself organically coaching others. I then went on to qualify as a coach. I discovered more tools on how to connect with my heart voice, to bring me back into flow, harmonise my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, and to stop valuing the chatter in my head that created stress and overwhelm, anxiety and feeling stuck.

Chapter 4 – Sharing my gifts

My purpose and job now, is to show others how to be the happiest, healthiest, most fulfilled version of themselves. How to shine their light bright, through natural tools and connecting with their heart voice. I do this through coaching, speaking, writing and podcasting.

Don’t trust everything your head voice says. Tune into the whispers of your heart voice and take a step to create the change you deserve.

You were not born to DO, you were born to BE.