Be Happy Now

Welcome to my debut book ‘Be Happy Now’ from the series Chasing Rainbows.

Available to purchase on Amazon.


When Ellen hits rock bottom, she is catapulted forwards into a life of self-discovery, chance meetings and encouraged to start living outside of her comfort zone. Feeling like her life is falling apart, she is about to learn that there are no wrong turns in life, but there are signs when you’re not in flow, or pursuit of your true, deserved happiness.

Gently guided by the nudges of the universe, and her new found guardian angel ‘E’, she is invited into the flow of life, learning to trust that the joy of life is in the journey, not just reaching the destination. She puts on her L plates and jumps into the driving seat of her life and her emotions. Down dead end roads, needing to make U-turns, and discovering how to start driving, she demonstrates what is possible when we all show up for ourselves.

Ellen is definitely not alone. In addition to her guardian angel, she is also accompanied by her faithful companion Lord Louie, an earth angel dog. Lord Louie is her cheerleader, her guide and her rock, loyal and dependable. He loves Ellen unconditionally, and often through unspoken words, encourages her on her journey, by making her laugh with his huge personality and being by her side through life’s events.

Lord Louie is the main narrator in this book. It is filled with his nuggets of wisdom, so you too, can feel inspired by Ellen’s story. Lord Louie shares how to:

  • be happy now;
  • find hope, guidance & self-love;
  • feel content;
  • feel inspired;
  • love yourself again;
  • turn dreams into reality;
  • embrace your deep confidence to say yes to life;
  • how to change the way you feel;
  • connect with your soul, your passion, and universal energy to get back into flow and allow life to be meaningful;
  • trust in divine guidance and let go of trying to control everything.

Follow Lord Louie’s lessons at the end of each chapter, and learn how to shine your light bright, to stop Chasing Rainbows and just be happy now. Can you be happy now? Yes you can, and it’s no coincidence you’re reading this. Follow your intuition and take another step with Lord Louie and Ellen on your journey today.