Inspiration for your heart voice

Welcome to the next step on your journey

Are you feeling slightly off your game, stressed, frustrated, or like there is something missing, and you are unsure how to fix it, or where to go and what to do next?

Whether you stay with me for a few minutes and watch the video, gain insight to continue on your way, or you decide to walk with me for a bit longer. It’s OK, it’s your journey and if it feels right, then it is right.

I’m all about keeping things simple, taking charge of what we can control and letting go of what we can’t.

Watch to discover more about me, more about you and more about when things change inside you, things change around you. 


As a coach, I come from the heart, I live by this ethos and I coach this too. 

Do you stay in your comfort zone at the expense of your dreams, through fear of the unknown or a lack of confidence?

Do you find yourself: 

  • Feeling frustrated, worried, anxious, fearful when things aren’t as you would like them to be on the outside world?
  • changing areas of your life (jobs, relationships, locations) in search of happiness, only to find it is short lived? 
  • questioning your life?

My coaching sessions devalue all of the uncertainty, doubt, worry and fear and replace these feelings with hope, possibility and answers. 

The magical thing, is that we discover your heart voice. We get really tuned in. I ask the right questions and you discover the answers.

We learn how to be happy now, and how to create the vision of your future to start moving forwards confidently.

Keynote speaker & trainer

As a keynote speaker and trainer, I come from the heart. I cut to the chase, bypass all the theory and inspire others to start reflecting on how they speak to themselves, and how they truly feel. How we feel affects our relationships, our health and our performance.

Happy, confident people who are in control of their emotions and use these to create results, are far happier, healthier, and successful.

My sessions resonate with people, they touch their hearts and this drives change from within, in all areas of their lives, personal and professional.

Whatever the occasion and whatever the group size, I can deliver a thought-provoking and motivational session to boost your team’s wellbeing.

To chat about how we can collaborate to get your team thriving, please email or call: +447917043044

About the author

From accountant to coach, speaker and now author. This was never part of my plan until a few years ago. 

Through chance meetings and being still enough for long enough, I had the outline for my book ‘be happy now’ from the series Chasing Rainbows. 

Could I start putting pen to paper and translate my experiences and coaching style into a book?  

Being true to myself, I leant into the confidence to say ‘yes’ to writing, and I tuned into my heart voice. The rest is history.

My debut book is written to inspire people to reflect and take action, to know that they are not alone and that change is possible. 

“It’s an honour to know Lisa and a privilege to write a foreword for such a divine soul. She exudes kindness, caring, compassion, clarity and wisdom. ‘Be Happy Now’ from the Chasing Rainbows series, is a gift to all. I love how encouraging and inspiring this book is. Lisa is one of those rare beings who really walks the walk.”
Christina Walker

About the podcaster

With my inner confidence and belief that wonderful things could happen at any given moment, I took the opportunity to trust my instinct to attend a networking event whilst I was on holiday in California. 

Through another chance meeting, at that very event, I met with a wonderful earth angel in disguise as a podcast producer.

This led me onto co-hosting the Alternative Health Tools’ podcast. A show that is very close to my heart. 

After being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in my early 20s I was fortunate enough to discover tools that were alternative to the traditional medical route, and these really helped me to regain control of my health, happiness and life. 

I am blessed that I am now able to give my time, knowledge and energy to support this wonderful show. 

To listen to the episodes and learn more about how you can support your health holistically, click the link below and subscribe.